Friday, November 30, 2012

CU Hot Chocolate Mugs

Get 'em while they're HOT!
Five CU Hot Chocolate Mugs to warm up your creations.
Included are three decorations you can put on the mugs.
You can grab them HERE.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FREEBIE Pumpkin Patch

I had this up on my Facebook as a Freebie.
There's a new Freebie up now.
But you can still snag this one HERE.
Enjoy & Thank you!

Monday, September 17, 2012

FREEBIE Spiderweb Frame Template

Here's a template for your decorating pleasure.
Square frame with spiders and a web.
Comes in layers for your convenience.
You can find it HERE.

Pumpkin Pack

Four festive pumpkins to spice up your creations.
Black lace, Chocolate, Burgundy, Purple Polka Dots
Grab them while you can!
They are available HERE.

FREEBIE Halloween Owl Frames

These topsy turvy cuties will add fun 
to your Halloween designs.
Comes in 4 colors.
You can find them HERE.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Web N Spiders

These awesome webs with their spiders
come in five different colors.
They are 1000 pixels wide
and would make great borders for your creations.
They are available HERE.

Spiders N Web

Got some funky spiders dangling from their webs!
Comes in four different colors.
Grab 'em now!
Just click HERE.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Girl Boy Ghosts

Here's a couple little cuties for you!
One boy and one girl ghost with their bag of treats.
You can catch them HERE.

Bat Swirl Elements

These bats come with their own swirls!
Four colors: orange, green, pink and purple.
Use in your Halloween creations to add some fun.
They can be found HERE.

Spiderweb Bat Frames

OOO! The whimsy of these frames!
Dress up your Halloween creations with these little cuties!
Four colors: orange, green, pink and purple.
They are available HERE.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FB Cover Candy Lounge

Get ready to indulge yourself with this Facebook Cover!
It's ready to load to your FB.
No name added.
You can buy it HERE.

FB Cover Candy Girl

Sink yourself into yummy sweetness!
This Facebook Cover is ready to go as is!
No name added.
You may purchase it HERE.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

FB Cover Emo xoxo

Love EMO with a little whacky?
This is perfect for your Facebook cover!
Ready to upload to your FB as is.
No name added.
You can purchase it HERE.

FB Cover Kitty N Me

Let everyone know you love your kitty!
Show off your affection for your feline friend
with this Facebook cover.
Ready to be posted as is to your FB.
You can buy it HERE.

FB Cover Purple Love

Love purple?
Then this is the Facebook cover for you!
Ready to go on your FB as is.
No name added.
You can find it HERE.

FB Cover Coffee Or Me

Got a coffee loving friend with a sweet tooth?
Put them to the test. LOL!
This Facebook cover is fun and girly.
Ready as is to be posted on your FB.
No name added.
You can find it HERE.

FB Cover Delicious

Admit it. You're Delicious...
This Facebook cover says it for you.
Ready to upload to your FB as is.
No name added.
You can purchase it HERE.

FB Cover Emo Moon

Everybody needs a hug.
This cute and lovable Facebook cover
shows the world you're not afraid of a little hug.
Ready to upload to your FB as is.
No name added.
You can purchase this HERE, 


Some weird fun shaped arrows for you!
Three different styles of arrows,
three different designs.
Nine in total.
You can purchase them HERE.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teardrop Rose

For those softer moments in life
here's a white rose nestled at the bottom of a teardrop.
It also has a soft outer glow added.
You can purchase this HERE.

Whatever Clocks

We've all said it...
Grab these whatever clocks to add
to your designs and have some fun!

Royal Flush Card Hands

Get your poker face on with these
royal flush card hands.
Four sets, one of each suit.
You may purchase them HERE.

Awareness Ribbons Template

This is a set of two Awareness Ribbons.
One is heart shaped for those special times.
Use them together or alone.
Gray scale for easy coloring.
You can purchase them HERE.

Sexy Grey Lips